Pet Friendly

Pet friendly

Vlissingen B & B is pet friendly. Your animals are therefore warmly welcome with us. Our location gives you a good walk to forest, beach and dunes together with your dog. We are dogs friends!

Dog on the beach

On the beaches of Vlissingen you can walk with your dog. Before you go to the beach, read the rules with your dog. That way you know when you can go where with your dog.

On the main beaches of Vlissingen (the beaches on Boulevard Evertsen and Bankert) dogs are prohibited from 15 April to 15 September. Outside of this period and locations dogs are allowed on the beach of Vlissingen.

Leashed dogs are allowed all year on the beach from the Zwanenburgseweg towards Dishoek.

The Ritthem beach is also accessible for dogs but there is also a nude on a piece

The outdoor boulevard from Ritthem to the Vlissingse buitenhaven is also ideal for walking with your dog.